Byrice visited the SC Works Center in need of financial assistance to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). He wanted to pursue CDL training, which would make him eligible for a truck driving position that he had his eyes on. While he had the required experience needed for this position, he needed the CDL license to secure a steady income in the transportation industry.

He was enrolled in the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) at the Cherokee SC Works Office in July 2021. Upon enrollment in the WIOA program, Byrice worked closely with the Talent Development Specialist (TDS) to identify any potential barriers, prioritize needs, and strategize a way to move forward. He was highly motivated and eager to complete the necessary required steps for WIOA.  He was enrolled for the CDL program the next month at the Truck Driver Institute with assistance for tuition and transportation.

He successfully completed the training in September of 2021, showing a constant sense of commitment and desire to improve during his participation in the WIOA program. In December he was offered full time employment with a local company. Congratulations Byrice!