When Andra came into the SC Works Office, she was underemployed, and not earning a sustainable wage to support her family. She had always been interested in a nursing career, but needed assistance to complete the program. She had already been accepted into the Nursing Program at Greenville Technical College, which is how she discovered the services that SC Works provides.

She entered the program in search of a career path in the Nursing Industry that would allow her to earn a living to support her family. She quickly realized that the supportive services offered by SC Works would assist in removing any financial barriers associated with training.

She completed the Nursing Program in May of 2023; she showed a constant sense of responsibility, commitment, and a desire to grow during her participation in the WIOA program. She began working with Spartanburg Regional Medical Center shortly afterwards. She continues to thrive in this environment and stated that she is grateful for the WIOA program as it has allowed her to obtain her Nursing Degree and provide a better quality of life for her family.