On the Job Training!

When he began working with SC Works Greater Upstate several months ago he wanted to find the perfect On-the-Job Training opportunity that aligned with his interests and career goals. During the discussions, it was observed that he had been permanently laid off from his previous position. This discovery was made just as we received a Dislocated Worker Grant, which is specifically meant to help dislocated workers find jobs, and train them in a new and successful positions where they can grow in careers over time. Theodore’s resume and information was referred to the team at Michelin, and they made the decision to hire him. When we spoke with Site Training Manager a week ago, nothing but high praise about his performance was given. Comments like: “He is always eager to get to work.” and  “He’s being promoted to another machine, because he loves to learn.” That says it all. SC Works Greater Upstate in honored to be a part of his successful job search journey.