After being laid off from her job, Carmine attended the WIOA Information Session online through video conference.  Soon after the session, she spoke with the TDS to review the WIOA program and answer additional questions. She was enrolled into the WIOA program shortly afterwards.

She and the TDS discussed training and employment goals, and created an Individual Employment Plan (IEP) which served as a roadmap to achieving her goals. Welding was actually something she had been interested in for a couple of years and the conversation reinforced her desire for a career as a welder.  She quickly completed her assessment goal and began welding training at Greenville Technical College.

She successfully completed welding training in December 2021 and earned 3 Certificates in Applied Science with a major in Welding from Greenville Technical College. Due to her training, she was hired on as a welder shortly after graduation.

Carmine stated that without the WIOA program, she would be back to a career field without stability in hours or benefits.  While it was scary to step out of her comfort zone, she is glad she did.