Johnny graduated high school and received his first job opportunity right out of school. He was employed with a local company for over 5 years and was able to work his way up to a maintenance technician position, while earning a sustainable wage. This past year, Johnny was laid off from his position and realized it was a time for a change.  He decided to follow his passion in pursuit of obtaining a Class A Commercial Driver’s License. Johnny attended a virtual orientation for the WIOA program to take the next step toward reaching his goal.

In November 2020, Johnny was enrolled in the WIOA Program, where he received one-on-one career counseling. He was excited to start on the requirements of the program and begin training for a Class A Commercial Driver’s License. He completed an Interest Profile, three Academy courses, and his WIN assessment within a timely manner. In January 2021, he began training at the Truck Driver Institute.

Johnny successfully completed training with Truck Driver Institute and obtained his Class A CDL in February. Johnny was able to work within his family-owned business until he found suitable employment. By May he received a full-time position with a local employer making a self sufficient wage and with full benefits. We at SC Works are wishing Johnny much success!