SC Works Celebrates Success!

Donald a Veteran and a former Supervisor at a local manufacturing plant was laid off from his position due to budget cuts. Most of his previous work experience involved supervisory roles in production and manufacturing settings, but he was looking for more secure and steady income. He knew that additional training would be needed to transition to a new career field. He visited the SC Works Cherokee in January seeking information on services available and was informed about the WIOA program.

Donald was determined eligible as a Dislocated Worker under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act and was enrolled in the program. Upon enrollment in the WIOA program, Donald worked closely with the Talent Development Specialist (TDS) to identify barriers, prioritize needs and plan out a way to move forward. Donald completed the WIN testing and obtained a Silver score, completed 3 The Academy Courses and a Scholarship Application. Donald was enrolled for the CDL program on January at the Truck Driver Institute.

Donald successfully completed CDL training at Truck Driver Institute (TDI) in February and obtained a CDL certification. Donald accepted a full time position at Eastern Industrial Supply in Spartanburg, SC as a delivery truck driver in March! Congratulations Donald!

Ashley visited the SC Works Office in Greenville in late November 2019. He had been working for a company that was no longer attracting new clients and as a result, became one of fifty people laid off in a staff reduction. “It was very difficult being laid off, as I had been working for more than 35 years.” Ashley chose the WIOA program so he could work towards a certification and try not to dwell on his current work status.

 Ashley attended WIOA orientation in November and took the WIN test on shortly after, obtaining a Platinum credential. After researching the training options available through WIOA he chose Project Management with Interactive Business Solutions. Even though he had been out of school for a few years, he felt that he needed to continue to grow in technology and education.

In January Ashley passed the Project Management Professional Exam and in February he found a new position as a Client Partner with Information Global Solutions. When asked what words of wisdom he would give to future students, He stated that “God has a plan, just be patient and keep moving forward and connecting.” It has been a true pleasure working with Ashley and providing services to assist with his new career. Congratulations Ashley!

Alberto came to the SC Works Office with Greer Relief seeking training assistance through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. While he was employed at the time he needed to obtain a CDL Class A license to advance within his current employer.

He attended the WIOA Orientation in November of 2019 and was assigned a Talent Development Specialist that provided him with one-on-one counseling. Alberto met with his TDS a few days later and was enrolled into the WIOA program as an adult. He and his TDS reviewed all training options on and then chose to continue with CDL training.  An Individual Employment Plan (IEP) was created and reviewed with Alberto and he understood the necessary steps needed to reach his goal.

Alberto quickly and successfully completed all assessments and began his CDL training at SBL Driving Academy in December.  Client completed his training and earned his CDL class A license in February. After completing his training, he was presented with multiple job offers and began new employment as a Truck Driver in March! Congratulations Alberto!

Allyn had been laid off from her position as a project manager with her prior company for a short while when she attended WIOA orientation in September. She was a Veteran with 8 years of military service in the United States Navy, and possessed extensive experience in project management, commercial energy, and government defense contracting prior to attending orientation. Allyn said that she had been told several times that “companies wanted to hire her, but could no longer ignore the fact that her credentials were over 10 years expired.” She knew that she needed assistance to obtain the continuing education she needed in order to re-enter her field.  She conducted some research and decided that obtaining a lean six sigma black belt certification would allow her to secure the immediate employment in the field she desired.

She was enrolled in the WIOA program as a dislocated worker in September and decided to pursue lean six sigma black belt training through Greenville Technical College.  Allyn took full advantage of the resources provided by WIOA and utilized the project management curriculum on The Academy in order to prepare for the project management certification exam. This would be in addition to her lean six sigma black belt training. 

She successfully completed the lean six sigma black belt coursework at Greenville Technical college in February.  This training requires the students to apply their classroom knowledge to complete a process improvement project with a corporation before they achieve their lean six sigma black belt.  Because of this, she has already obtained a position as the director of programs with a company in Greenville County, where she will complete her final project. Allyn emphasized that she would not have secured this position without this training and our help. Congratulations Allyn!

After a recent separation from employment, Jacob visited the SC Works Union Office and requested information about the WIOA Program. The Talent Development Specialist made an appointment for the client to return and to complete the WIOA Orientation with an enrollment directly afterward. Jacob expressed that he wanted a career that he enjoyed, not just a job.

Jacob was successfully enrolled as an Adult in January; he had previously completed the WIN Assessment and obtained a Silver level therefore he would not need to retake the assessment in order to attend training. He completed 3 Academy courses and a WIOA Scholarship Application the very next day. While he was at the Union Office, the TDS constructed an updated and professional resume for the client as well. He had decided that he would like to pursue CDL training and also completed an application to attend Truck Driver Institute. He was approved and scheduled to begin CDL training the next month.

 Just three and a half short weeks later, Jacob completed the CDL coursework and obtained his Commercial Driver’s License. He visited the SC Works Union Office in March beaming with pride and some really great news to share: he had been hired by Senn Freightliners as a Truck Driver. Jacob was overjoyed with the opportunity that the WIOA had afforded him, he is very thankful and continues to work hard. Congratulations Jacob!

Business Solutions Team Success! 


Successful regional virtual Job fair hosted by SC Works Greater Upstate

SC Works Greater Upstate hosted a virtual job fair for employers of Cherokee, Greenville, Spartanburg and Union counties and promoted across the greater Upstate of South Carolina. The virtual job fair took place on Thursday May 7, 2020 from 2PM-5PM.  The virtual platform was recently purchased by SC Works Greater Upstate, and the virtual event was sponsored by The Charles Lea Center, Sitel, and WSPA Livin’ Upstate. 42 local companies and 534 job seekers participated in the event. More than 50% of candidates participated in a virtual chat session with hiring employers. In addition to the chat option, candidates were able to participate in virtual interviews.