How, as a business, do you handle an unexpected change in your company?  What happens to your employees if you have to shut down one of your plants, announce company-wide layoffs, or even close your business altogether?  The SC Department of Employment and Workforce and local SC Works Centers will provide confidential consultation and planning to assist you as your company and employees transition.


Alternative to Layoffs and Closures

Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) – helps you stay on the cutting edge and increase productivity and quality by providing employees with needed training in order for the business to remain competitive.  IWT is a training resource to help businesses respond to changing skills requirements caused by new technology, retooling, new product lines, or new organizational structuring.  Contact your local workforce are for more details and funding availability.


Layoffs and Closures

Rapid Response Services are available to both businesses and employees during time of decline and recovery.  State and local Business Services Teams are prepared to support businesses and reassure affected or impacted workers that support is available.  The teams offer workshops, information on unemployment benefits; relocation assistance, career transitioning, and can conduct assessments. Other Services include:

Management Meeting – help avert or lessen the impact and burden of the announced layoff or closure. State and local staff meets with management to confidentially discuss needs and concerns, while also working to schedule pre-layoff reemployment services with affected workers.

Group Orientation – informs impacted workers of available reemployment services and prepares them for job search activity prior to their anticipated layoff.

On-Site Reemployment Services – provides customized on-site services to impact workers to address reemployment needs. Sessions consist of resume building and posting, job search assistance, soft skills coaching, and labor market and career information.

For employees adversely affected by foreign trade, Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) benefits may be available.

TAA – provides support to workers who have been adversely impacted by increased imports, a shift of production, or a service that moved to another country. TAA helps workers become reemployed in a suitable job as quickly as possible by providing benefits and services tailored to their needs, including:

  • Training
  • Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC)
  • Income Support – Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA)
  • Job Search Allowances
  • Relocation Allowances
  • Older Worker Wage Subsidy