SC Works Celebrates Success!

Kimberly came to the SC Works Office in Gaffney in search of a full time opportunity that she would find rewarding. While she had been working steady since completing school, the positions were often contract assignments without benefits. Kimberly spoke with SC Works Staff about what additional training would look like and was informed about the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Kimberly met with the Talent Development Specialist (TDS) to discuss which career pathway would be the best fit for her situation. An Individual Employment Plan was developed with the TDS to prioritize needs and strategize a way to move forward. Kimberly scored a Silver Level on her WIN assessment, completed her 3 courses through ResCare Academy, and examined the Labor Market for the Upstate Region. Seeking to establish herself in a high demand field with a dedicated skill set, Kimberly decided to pursue an Associate’s Degree in Accounting.

Kimberly began her training in January 2017 and in May 2018 graduated from Spartanburg Community College. Through the WIOA Kimberly’s tuition for school was paid for, as well as, materials needed to attend her classes each semester. Kimberly also participated in a paid Work Experience while attending Spartanburg Community College. In February 2019, Kimberly was offered a position with AWL Automation as an Accountant! Kimberly expressed gratitude for the support she received during her training and is happy in her new career! Congratulation Kimberly!

Roneka came to the SC Works Office in Greenville seeking to further her education in the healthcare field. While she had previously obtained a medical certification, it was not enough to sustain financially viable employment in our market. Roneka spoke with SC Works staff members about the potential training offered through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and was scheduled for the next information session.

Roneka was enrolled into the program in December 2017 and developed her Individual Employment Plan with the guidance of a Talent Development Specialist. She examined the Labor Market for the healthcare field and decided to pursue obtaining a credential as a Certified Medical Assistant. She completed all requirements for the program and was enrolled at Greenville Technical College in January 2018.

With her tuition and training related materials paid for by the WIOA, Roneka graduated from the Medical Assistant Program in April 2019. Within a few short weeks, she received an offer of employment from the Seneca Rehab and Wellness Facility making almost double her prior income! Congratulations Roneka!

Jonathan came to the SC Works Office in Spartanburg in search of career guidance. Despite possessing an Associate of Science degree, he had been unable to secure a full time occupation paying a self-sufficient wage. Johnathan was interested in working for Michelin, but after interviewing with the company found that the only reason he was not offered a job was a lack of relevant work experience. Upon learning this, SC Works center staff informed Johnathan about a potential On the Job Training opportunity through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

In September of 2018, Johnathan attended a WIOA Informational session and was subsequently enrolled into the program. Johnathan completed all requirements in a timely fashion and the next month began his On the Job Training with Michelin. This allowed him to work at Michelin while gaining the required experience needed to become a permanent employee.

Earlier this year, Johnathan completed his training and was offered a full time permanent position with Michelin! While taking advantage of this training, Johnathan was able to learn new skills and still earn a paycheck at the same time. Congratulations Johnathan!

In the Spring of 2019, Donnie visited the SC Works Office in Union, SC with the intention of improving his current work situation. In order to provide for his family in the way he wanted to, he knew that additional education/training would be needed to assist with the process of changing fields. Donnie spoke with center staff to discuss available training opportunities through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Donnie’s next step was to meet with the Talent Development Specialist (TDS) at SC Works Union on 4/15/2019 to receive an orientation on the program. Upon completion he was enrolled and an Individual Employment Plan was developed hand in hand with the TDS. Having previously taken and completed the WorkKeys assessment test with a Gold Level, Donnie was ready to select his training pathway to new employment. Donnie expressed an interest in obtaining a Class A CDL License based on his skills and the job market for the occupation. By 4/18/2019, he had completed the appropriate Scholarship application and 3 online courses through ResCare Academy regarding truck driving safety. On 4/25/2019, Donnie was approved to attend the Truck Driver Institute (TDI) to obtain his license.

1 month later, with his tuition paid for and additional financial supportive services available from the WIOA, Donnie graduated from TDI and began his search for a new career. Within a week Donnie was offered a position with GES Recycling in Union as a Truck Driver! Congratulations on the fresh start Donnie!

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